Cheeky Discount for Those Who Want to do GOOD

Cheeky Discount for Those Who Want to do GOOD

About a year ago, during the covid-19 epicentre of madness and panic, a young man named Adam was on the search for a new mobile phone case.

The navy war-torn faux-leather one he had been using for just over a year, had began to resemble an unwoven patch of cloth, exposing the hard plastic bone beneath.

Adam had seen mentions of phone cases during his search, mostly in the form of Instagram ads. Nothing suspicious, as, Adam is a digitally-aware tech-head. He knows how this shit works. He doesn't believe that Zuckerbang or Beznos is spying on him as he browses their sites.

The clever e-commerce sector just really clever. Like immensely clever. Like, machine-clever. And it's watching your every online step. So the ad that made its way onto Adam's screen, was in fact the result of Adam's searching in the first place!

You could call it a coincidence, or you could get paranoid and blame the government. Or, you could just accept that you are a highly predictable consumer that leaves a trail of breadcrumbs everywhere you go on the web. Yes, Google is watching you. Yes, Facebook is processing your data. But guess what, you knew that anyway. The web is a fickle place. Act accordingly.

Ramble over! If you have read this far, there's something special in it for you!

The case that Adam went for, was's "A Good Mobile Case". Have a browse on their website, and you'll soon realise that these cases are not like your regular phone cases! Along with all of their products, these are climate-positive. The cases are made from plant waste, and are 100% compostable.

I also unboxed it here if you want to see how it appears close-up.

It feels great to the touch, and it's surprisingly strong!

I have just recently ordered in a Bullet Journal and a pen. The guys at the e-store also gave me a referral link, which bags you 20% off your purchase!

So yeah just use this link to browse and make your purchase, your 20% discount should be applied at checkout.

As well as you getting a cheeky 20% off your next purchase, I'll receive a referral reward too. Win-win!