Fun with Ghost & Zapier

Fun with Ghost & Zapier

I'm optimizing my blogging workflow, so I can spend more time chilling out to my favourite records. Well, really it's to be more productive. Micro goals Adam, micro goals.

If you're reading this on LinkedIn or Facebook, you're an honourable reader of my first successfully automated blog post.

By building an integration with Zapier (known as a "zap"), my blog will now add any new posts into my Buffer account, which I have configured to share onto my LinkedIn profile. Buffer is a social media scheduling tool.

The lifecycle is now basically:

Ghost (blog) > Buffer (scheduling tool) > LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter

*bold italics = automated

Neat right?

Update 10:57 - approx. an hour after scheduling (scroll down for the original post):

Here's what the post looks like in my Buffer schedule:

Buffer schedule

Something doesn't look quite right, right? Those <p> and other tags are HTML tags. They are to be read by browsers and presented as text on a webpage. The body of this blog post is made up of many different HTML tags - headings, subheadings, italic text and so on. It seems that I misconfigured my automation, and it is grabbing the entire blog post (as HTML) and scheduling that as the caption of my Facebook/LinkedIn posts.

I mean that is okay, but I kinda want to attract clicks to the blog post, instead of giving it all away altogether - in an unreadable format.

That's where the excerpt data comes in. Every blog post - on any blogging platform - gives you the space to write a short excerpt of your blog post. It's like a quick summary of what your reader is about to read. A preview. So I tweaked my automation, rather than setting the entire blog post as the caption - I'll set it to use that excerpt instead:

I'll also add in a link to the blog post so readers can get to it:

And there we go. Looks much better now: