Here’s why you should totally watch The Boys

Here’s why you should totally watch The Boys

Here we are, it's 2020. We're in the midst of a pandemic and embracing life at a distance. Like many before have mentioned, it couldn't be a better time for focusing on ourselves. Looking out for our physical and mental health, reflecting on our immediate surroundings and of course, finding good shit to watch on internet TV.

Enter stage left, The Boys

I'm not going to blab on about the history of superhero universes or compare which Batman suit looks the most badass. (It's obviously Nolan's, btw). I'm just going to get straight to why you should sit down with your favourite beverage and enjoy this unique, humorous and dark twist on superhero culture, that is probably like nothing you've ever seen before.

It's grippingly grim, from the get-go

The first episode places you at the centre of a cute and relatable bickering couple with promising couples goals.

The first episode also places you at an incredibly jaw dropping turn of events for this couple. You'll never see it coming.

Later on in the episode, you learn that the superheroes are not quite what they make out to be...

It's refreshingly human

The alternate universe that The Boys is set in makes superheroes the product of modern-day marketing. "Supes" are owned by a powerful corporation and they are in fact brands with fancy names, lame-ass logos, corporate responsibilities, provocative uniform guidelines and celebrity status. But with celebrity status, comes exhaustion and corruption. It's refreshing to see how each one of them blow off steam in a more human-like manner.

They don't "fight crime". There is no "roundtable". They actually spend very little time communicating with each other. It's pretty funny actually... The superheroes in The Boys, already kinda despise one another. So all that bullshit small talk is out of the way. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Marvel nerd and DC fan. But this different approach of giving superheroes an employer with rules from "higher up" to follow - and rebel against - makes The Boys oh so interesting.

You're tired of cops and robbers

It's an established story concept used in everything from spaghetti westerns to freaking The Matrix. Marvel put it on the pedestal. DC tried to darken it a little. The Boys flushes it down the toilet. Forget all about superheroes being these all pristine and moral beings. In The Boys, they have fucking trash personalities. And crafty ways of masking it to the public. It's like nothing you've ever seen.

You probably need a new binge fix

Hey, it's cool! You're one of us. And it's pandemic time, remember? Forget reality TV, and don't even think of starting a sitcom. Watch The Boys. Prime Video gives out a 7-day free trial before charging like €6. It's on there. In full HD. Subtitles. Episode tracking. All that good shit. By day 2 you'll be on episode 5.

It's weird, people

Straight up facts. It can get a little sideways. Without spoiling too much: X-ray vision and breast-pumping are one of the weirdest combos of Season 1. But that's ok! Life is weird! Everyone should tick that box in some way or form.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed the read. Now go and enjoy The Boys.

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