This short video I made for Pokéloha

This short video I made for Pokéloha

Pokéloha is one of Columbia Restaurants' cooler, more hip brands.

They recently launched a poké bowl Christmas special, that was supposed to look like Christmas.

I made a short video for the launch.

What I found most interesting during the making of this was that I used only... Photoshop. Whaaa? The software for lasso'ing background photobombs and swapping skies?


Newer versions of Photoshop have a basic Timeline feature. It's easy to throw together a composition that doesn't require fancy transitions. Like this one. Check it out!

I also produced a tall version, for use in Stories.

It turns out you can literally throw sleigh bells over any music, and it instantly becomes Christmassy. Stand by as I validate this with some Iron Maiden.