Who am I?

And why should you care?

Well, there's a number of ways to answer that. But it really depends on what you're looking for.

I've had my head in the field of digital media for over 10 years, taking part in many different projects and wearing many different hats.

I'm currently a Digital Marketing Officer at Columbia Restaurants - but you can read more about that on my LinkedIn.

If you want to get in touch to talk about how we can take your business digital, drop me an email or feel free to fill out the following:

How I Got Here

My journey started on a Windows 98 PC spewing out modem sounds whilst connecting to the internet via dial-up. Through endless hours spray-painting what I would call super-abstract art in MS Paint, and smashing high scores in Pinball, it's safe to say I was bored with tech. Until... I got to high school and was introduced to programming - BlitzBasic for those who can relate - and basic 2D game design. That was when I started thinking differently, and my problem solving improved massively. I re-wrote a playable version of 'Pong' using code.

Moving down the timeline, I picked up an eye for design - and started toying around in Photoshop. Basic things, making signature graphics for forums, award badges, game competition banners. Then I got my first commercial gigs - designing event flyers. That was fun shit and paid good for a 19 yr old finishing army service.

I was like you. I had no idea what I wanted to do professionally. But I knew pretty well that I wanted it to be in computers and tech. So I took a degree in Digital Media - which involved a bit of graphics design, usability and interaction design, web dev, multimedia production, designing for the modern web and all sorts of beautiful topics. It was perfect. I learned about the entire ecosystem, visited Hong Kong, and graduated in 3 years. Epic.

The year of graduation was daunting because I was trying to figure out what to do next. I secured a position in a startup accelerator as a technical lead, with emphasis on design. Our group task was to solve a commercial problem with software. So I helped design it, using all the principles I had learned.

Needless to say that didn't sustain itself because you can't just go straight into the startup life and expect to become Silicon valley. fuddat. I got the extremely valuable experience of establishing a company, developing work culture and working on a live project and moved on.

The island was calling.

Returning to Cyprus I got a neat web dev job with one of the coolest companies on the island. Pixel Actions are absolutely killing it with their products and they're a pretty awesome team too. The job wasn't for me though, as I had lost the passion for hard programming.

That brings us to today.

Today, I work in marketing for a large group of restaurants. Managing our social media channels, executing email campaigns, producing content for our various channels and maintaining our handful of websites.

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